Discover your ideal Client Persona...

(And have fun while at it)

Honing your Marketing Strategy

Understanding your target market in detail is the second step in your Marketing Strategy (click here to know the first!).

You cannot market effectively and get great ROI on your advertising efforts, unless you know exactly who your ideal client is... Hint? it’s not everyone!

Our ideal client persona worksheet allows you get to know exactly who your ideal client is. Not only does this help with your marketing efforts, it also helps you make the right decisions when you are on the fence about taking on new  clients, or letting go of old ones. 

Unlike many other service-oriented careers, being a coach is absolutely about the relationship with your client and if they are not checking all your boxes, working with them will be hard.

By completing this worksheet you will:

  • Learn where your ideal clients hang out so you can market to them in the right place, at the right time.
  • Understand what is important to your clients so that your marketing messages speak to them
  • Know your clients' pain points so you can empathize with them and create a connection.
  • Be able to filter out non-desirable clients

And it's all FREE! Just let me know where you want your worksheet emailed to, and I'll send it right away!

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